C. J. Carson Lake

The following rules and restrictions govern public use on and of the property of the City of Stilwell designated as C. J. Carson Lake.

Hours of operation for Carson Lake Parks are 6:00 am to 11:00 pm

Camping and Boating

  1. Overnight camping is not permitted.
  2. All boats operated on the lake must have a life preserver or life jacket on board said boat.
  3. No lifeguard is present and swimming is discouraged.
  4. Dumping of trash, refuse and debris is prohibited.
  5. Private boat houses, ramps, docks and other facilities may not be constructed on C. J. Carson Lake.
  6. The operation of boats with internal combustion engines on the lake is prohibited. Only boats with electric motors may be operated on lake.
  7. All fishing-related activities shall comply with state law.
  8. All Motorized vehicles are required to stay on roads designated as open for public.
  9. No livestock shall be allowed on the property.

Tournament and Derby Fishing

  1. Tournament and Derby fishing shall be allowed with trolling motos only.
  2. Tournament and Derby must be approved in advance by both the Stilwell City Council and the Stilwell Utility Board.

Rules and Restrictions Continued Below

Carson Lake
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Public Behavior

  1. Vandalism, theft and damage to city property is prohibited.
  2. No person shall:

    a. Use language that is:

    • unseemly
    • obscene
    • offensive
    • threating
    • insulting
    • abusive
    • b. participate in a disorderly assembladge,

    c. publicly appear nude or intoxicated,

    d. distrub the peace of others by:

    • violent, obstreperous or improper conduct or carriage,
    • loud or unsual music,
    • conducting themselves in a disorderly manner


C. J. Carson Lake is located 3.8 miles South West of Stilwell, OK
Crossroads of N 4660 Rd and S 4467 Rd