Code Enforcement

code enforcment

Permits and Ordinances

Code Enforcement requires permits when working within the city limits. If you have any questions please contact Code Enforcement.

  1. Building Permit Applications can be picked up at City Hall.
  2. Trade Permits
  3. Machine, Door to Door or Novelty Vending Permits
  4. Occupational License Applications
  5. Special Event License Application
  6. Temporary Vendor Permit Application  

- Fees for permits are in ordinance 285.  

To have a yard sale 

  1. Go to City Hall and fill out an application for a yard sale.
    • Yard sales now cost $5.00 to have.
    • You must put your permit number on any and all signs you put up.
    • The limit is 4 yard sales a year per address and per person.
    • Please post the permit in a place easily visible for officers to see.

Trash Ordinance

Last month an updated trash ordinance was enacted by the City Council. There are sections of the ordinance that need to be highlighted.  They are the rules of picking up trash, which include the placement of trash and the proper container, and defining illegal dumping.  Both of those sections are listed below:

SECTION 1.   Rules, Prohibitions, Special Pick Up

  • Rules to be in effect for the regular pick up of trash
  • All trash is to be cinched tightly in bags of sufficient tensile strength to allow lifting for placement in the trash vehicle. Clean up of trash from a bag that has ripped or tears will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Maximum weight of a trash bag is 25 pounds.
  • All trash must be kept inside an approved lidded trash receptacle.  An approved receptacle is a container designed commercially for holding trash with sufficient strength to prevent the trash from being accessed by animals, insects or other unwanted vermin.  The container shall have sufficient weep holes to prevent the collection of water or other liquids from gathering inside the container.  It shall also be maintained in a clean manner to prevent any health hazards.
  • Trash, trash cans or trash bins are not allowed to be placed by the curbside for pickup prior to 12 hours on the scheduled day of pick up.  Trash cans and trash bins are to be removed from the curbside by the end of the day of the scheduled pickup.
  • Trash must be placed by the curbside no later than 6:30 am. the day of pickup.
  • Trash that is picked up in an alley can be left next to the alley on the residential property provided it does not obstruct vehicular traffic and is placed in a trash can or bin that is lidded and secure.  It must also be maintained as outlined in section 1,1c of this ordinance.
  • All containers shall be kept in a safe and sanitary condition at all times.
  • All containers shall have proper fitting covers and the covers shall be in place at all times except when refuse is being put in or taken out of the container.
  • If one trash receptacle is insufficient to hold the amount of trash accumulated, then a second trash receptacle will need to be utilized.  Loose trash around the containers will not be picked up, except for the special pick up procedure listed in this ordinance.
  • The following acts are prohibited by this ordinance:
  • Sanitation workers are not allowed to enter private property except where required for dumpster pick up. All non-dumpster trash must be accessible from public areas such as, but not limited to, streets, alleys, or public property.
  • Boxed trash will not be accepted.
  • Loose trash will not be accepted.
  • Loose trash inside the trash receptacle will not be accepted.
  • No more than 10 total trash bags will be accepted on any given week.  Excess trash will have to be handled through the special trash pickup guidelines.

SECTION 4:   Illegal Dumping

  • No person, firm or corporation can dump refuse of any kind in or around a dumpster or trash container not specifically assigned to the specific person, firm, or corporation.  The dumpsters and containers are for the refuse of the specific location the containers and dumpsters are located.  Any person, firm, or corporation in violation of this section shall be fined in accordance with current municipal code.